TOP gifts in Bonk!

Upside down.


There is a lot to enumerate. The list of favourites is huge, but in the end, there were only ten places to fill. So, let's start with the "worst":


10. T-shirts for those who proudly announce their love for bicycles and everything cycling to the world around them. You need to have courage for these things. Especially in today’s world when other traffic users’ views bike lovers as uneven objects on the road. Tell them what you care about!!!


9. Polona mugs. Porcelain galore produced in Zaprešić. Hand painted in Ljubljana. For your coffee, tea, or your shelf. And let's not forget, the coolest gift this Christmas. Of course, some would also want it for a birthday present. You can decide.


8. Restrap wallet for eternal adventurers who need money for coffee or beer along the way. Honestly, let's be realistic, some of us just go cycling or running in the woods and mountains because of that. There You go. Meet your new companion.


7. In case you didn’t know by now, we at Bonk are crazy about a few things. And one of them comes first. Every day. Coffee. Yes, a fairly simple answer… Now, some like coffee this way, others that way, and we claim that real coffee is exactly the one made with AeroPress. (Something like) filter coffee as anyone’s handcrafted black perfection. Perfect.


6. Mugs for the most adventurous among us. Do you like to take your bike on a trip? Do you love nature? Do you like the peace of drinking coffee (or something else) in solitude and peace that only the natural environment can provide? Get yourself the right tool for your favourite pleasures. The indestructible one. With or without a carabiner.


5. KeepCup, KeepCup, KeepCup!!! Now that you have satisfied the adventurer in yourself, think about the "barista approved" fashion accessory for your favourite drink. We have already written extensively about it here! Check it out.


4. Bonk coffee. If you didn't know, apart from bicycles and cycling’s "little things", Bonk is crazy about coffee. Always, at least two types of brown beans ready to brew. Or to take home. Whole beans or grounded. Choice is Yours.


3. Belts, wallets, cases and bags made of recycled bicycle tires!!! Yes, you read that right. Handmade, very interesting concepts and above all indestructible final product. After all, when was the last time you managed to destroy a bicycle tube or a tire? Show your ecological conscience.


2. Socks. Who doesn’t love good socks? Over 140 types of socks of all colours, patterns and usage. Don't ruin your favourite two wheeled machine with a bad choice of socks. Be noticed!


1. Casquettes. One of the weirder props marked by weird hobbies like cycling. Whether you are a strict cycling traditionalist immersed in the iconography of the history of this beautiful sport or are simply a fashion-conscious urban cyclist, these caps are something worth admiring. And when you add to that the insane logic of Cinelli's artists, you get the perfect blend of traditionalism, fashion and cycling iconography! Worship history, art, or Bruce Springsteen!