Privacy policy

Notice of privacy practices


This notice of privacy practices is applied on confidentiality of personal data that you can find on web page bonk.hr and that are being collected with usage of this web page and stored in databases of company Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o..


Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o., as a service provider on web page bonk.hr, complies with all law regulations with aim to protect privacy of its users and customers.


Users and customers of web page bonk.hr and any receivers of messages or newsletters are advised to read through this Notice in order to have a full understanding of data collected by Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. and its usage.


Any questions that users and customers may have, can be send on the following e-mail [email protected].


With registration or usage of this web page bonk.hr and its contents, user or customer confirms that this Notice of privacy practices is read and understood.


This Notice of privacy practices can be changed or modified by company Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. in any moment by publishing changed or modified Notice on web page bonk.hr. Changes or modifications will take effect immidiately after publication on web page bonk.hr.


Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. is collecting and processing personal data in order to confirm authenticity of user or customer that is using (registering) web page bonk.hr. When user or customer engages in certain activity (opening user account, ordering, polls, commenting or sending info or requests) on web page bonk.hr, Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. will ask additional info and personal data (name, address, postal code, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth, VAT number etc.....) and this collected info and data are the ones being used and processed.


Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. will not share or distribute personal data with other outlets except in exceptional cases (in article below) and in cases when legaly positive pratices demand so. Electronic confirmation of General requirements and/or this Notice of privacy practices implies that user or customer has given its approval for processing, collection and exeptional distribution of personal data.


User or customer has an access right to change personal data given to Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o..


Company Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. is taking serious and comprehensive measures in order to protect collected personal data. Understandably, no transaction over Internet and wireless connections is 100% sure. Consequently, although Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. is undertaking reasonable measures of personal data protection, it can't guarantee that any transfered data from and to web page bonk.hr is 100% protected and it is not responsible for any actions undertaken by third party that received any data of that kind.


People under 14 years old are not allowed to use webpage bonk.hr. Tom Tom Gornji Grad d.o.o. is not collecting any information or data from anybody younger than 14 years. Consequently, this web page is not designed to attract anybody under 14 years of age.