Use it and don't throw it away! KeepCup it!

Use it and don't throw it away! KeepCup it!

The first reusable coffee cup approved by professional baristas.

Australia is a cool country. Australia is a country where coffee and coffee enjoyment take on slightly different forms. Australia is a country where many, but really many people know a lot about coffee. Melbourne is a little different. In Melborne, people think the rest of Australia knows nothing about coffee. Complicated situation.

But to keep things from getting caffeine-regularly complicated, one cool lady - you guessed it, the owner and barista at the BlueBag coffee shop chain in downtown Melbourne - decided to add another component to this disorganized coffee orchestra of baristas, professional coffee lovers and those who know everything about everything. Namely, motivated by the amount of paper cups for ''to-go'' in which she regularly poured coffee for her guests and keeping in mind that these cups are not really 100% recyclable, Abigail Forsyth decided to design and make the first reusable coffee cup that you can, of course, use again. and again and again .... And so the KeepCup was born.


In a country where everyone knows everything about coffee, in a city that thinks no one knows anything about coffee in the country where it is located, KeepCup has decided to play it risky. Lots of colors, innovative materials and extremely original patents with the approval of local baristas, I repeat, from a city that knows everything about coffee and thinks that no one else knows anything about coffee, these cups conquered the world extremely quickly and contributed at least a little to save this third stone from the sun.


KeepCup cups are, above all, estetically original, lightweight, extremely practical and ideal for your favorite "walkable" coffee. Available for everyone's taste – in screaming colores in the ORIGINAL ultra light edition, with controlled design and baristically perfect in the BREW edition and ultra capable and adventurously durable in the THERMAL edition.

Of course, the story of the KeepCup glasses is no bigger than the story of our planet. The idea is to leave the planet in better shape than it was when we got it to use. And it's not that hard. A simple calculation from weird but cool Australia clearly shows this:

- KeepCup sells 800,000 thousand of its cups per year.

- If we take the average from the Western world that 80% of coffee drinkers drink 8 coffees ''to-go'' a week, we easily come to the calculation that only KeepCup users save the planet from pollution with around 300,000,000 classic paper coffee cups ''to-go''.

- Furthermore, to reduce these numbers to something we can all comprehend in real life, unused classic coffee cups for ''to-go'' make up about 4,000 tons of non-recyclable material that did not end up in nature with this little change in our habits.

- Let's think about it a little more ...... 4000 tons of garbage that we did not make and thus we did not have to dispose of, saved energy for 5000 households for a year's worth use (according to the average consumption in developed countries).

- And to make everything a little greener, with our change of habits we saved about 50,000 beautiful trees in some beautiful forests ......


Of course, this won’t save the world or solve Melbourne’s eternal struggle for the best coffee in the world, but it’s nice to know that only a small change in behavior causes such net effects. Hm ..... instantly, our coffee tastes somehow better ...

So, make a small change and, in addition to sharing the road, share a little green wisdom as well. Melbourne will be, at least, a little bit happier for it.