Have a bombastic birthday!

Boom. Boom. Boom.


These days C4 (beer) has a birthday.

Birthdays are cool, and birthdays dedicated to beer are uber cool. In order to contribute to this great moment and further enrich our and your knowledge of this bombastic drink, we decided to write a few interesting facts about the favourite beer in our ‘’birtija’’.

- C4 is a subtype of plastic explosive. In the "most used" variant, it consists of cyclothrimethylene trinitramine (91%), plasticizer diethylhexyl (5.3%) and binder polyisobutylene (2.1%).

- Apart from its yellowish colour (we will talk about the genesis of the name in the lines below), this type of explosive, of course, has nothing to do with the subject of this blog.

- Now about the beer. C4, in this less explosive variant, got its name from the 4 types of hops (5th does not start with C) that are used in the brewing of this magical potion. Their names are: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra.

- So, that the 5th hop ingredient would not feel neglected, and for you to have all the information, we will write its sacred, yet (again) explosive name - Magnum.

- C4 (beer) is IPA. IPA is India Pale Ale. IPA is not made in India nor its recipe is created there. It owes that name to the former global business giant and the so-called "State within a state" - Dutch East India Company. Understandably, this type of beer, among other markets, came to the Indian market. By the way, after a couple of hundred years the heirs of the Dutch East India company founded their own brewery. You may have heard of this one. Its name is Heineken.

- The first branded IPA was brewed in England and was called Worthington's White Shield. The first year of brewing was 1829.

- But C4 (again about beer, not explosives) is a direct successor to the style that emerged in the late 20th century, and as the main model had an old IPA recipe from lines above. Namely, the craft revolution started from North America, and IPA is by far the most famous representative of that movement! Again, one funny fact - the ''role model'' for the typical American IPA was the Ballantine IPA. Beer, not whiskey.

- The guys from Nova Runda were, from the beginning, a "Gypsy" brewery. Namely, they did not have a permanent location, but made their brewing as guests at various locations.

- C4 beer is older than Nova Runda brewery. We assume that it started its life in someone's bathtub or grandmother's sink… ..

- Now, the C4 has a "real" home. The industrial ‘’plant’’ in Zabok is now their home. And yes, they brew beer in the middle of Zagorje. Brave move…


There you have. Obviously, we are not just riding bikes and talking about disc brakes…

As always, don’t forget to share the road.