It won't make you poop or block it! :-)

Food (not just for athletes) originated on the foundations of an ancient Italian type of diet - a powerful mix of fruits, various peanuts and spices - amid important trade routes that intersected and crossed in the heart of Tuscany, Siena. It was called then, and it is still called, Panforte.

Since its first mention in the 13th century, Panforte has been best known as "strong bread", which name derives from the latin word fortis. Subsequently, Panforte is enriched with various spices that contain various medicinal properties or are beneficial to digestion and general human health. After all, in the 13th century, spice merchants were a pharmacists of the day.

Having in mind the various benefits of the climate and the fruits that thrive in Tuscany, the Giusti family decided to pay tribute to their ancestors by working diligently on the "holy grail" of sports nutrition - completely raw food; handmade and adequately packaged; benevolent to sensitive digestion before, during and after exercise - which will meet all the stringent requirements of athletes (both amateur and professional) and stressful digestive processes that inevitably manifest during active life and an absolute desire to take advantage of every minute of free time available.

As a result of many years of various recipes based on the Panforte philosophy, a brand of completely raw, 100% vegan, completely gluten-free and absolutely naturally delicious food for people on the move and with a strong desire for constant movement, was developed – Veloforte.

Veloforte bio bars (protein and energy) are the complete opposite of standard bars that can be found on the market. Both in taste and quantity and manner of packaging. Fully adapted to gradual intake during exercise (wrapped in wafer paper - therefore, no sticking), nutritionally adapted to increased levels of digestive stress that occur before, during and after exercise and organoleptically extremely tasty. With the ideal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins, double sources of carbohydrates and a quality mixture of proteins, these bars will satisfy even the most demanding athletes.

Veloforte gels that efficiently deliver all the power of nature!

Each 33g pack delivers 22g of dual-source natural carbohydrates that are easily absorbed with the optimal blend of glucose and fructose to facilitate maximum energy absorption and continuous energy release - to exercise longer and more efficiently. Unrefined brown rice syrup delivers essential glucose that is released quickly - a quick delivery of energy straight to your muscles. Date nectar is extremely rich in fructose - so it offers slower-release energy to make you feel ready for the efforts ahead.

Veloforte energy chews - big in performance, small in size ...

Veloforte energy chews are the easiest way to make up for lost electrolytes and energy on the go. Handmade from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, Veloforte energy cookies are a juicy blend that is stunningly delicious and further enriched exclusively with natural flavors and spices. Extremely light and super powerful, each 50g pack contains 6 small and powerfully soft cookies that deliver 42g of clean energy for quick release - that's twice as many carbs as a standard synthetic sports gel while, at the same time, as energy-rich as the whole Veloforte energy bar, but containing as much as a third less calories.


There is simply no compromise. 100% natural, without any additives, artificial flavors or preservatives! And not to forget, the only sports nutrition brand that has won a gold medal 4 times at the international competition GREAT TASTE AWARDS!


So, while safely sharing the road with other road users, think about your next bite! :-)