And again. Do you have anything in common with Tadej Pogačar?

Since You are obviously not producing the same watts?


Do you have a club? A group of friends who share the same values ​​and love the same beer? Or You are already fed up with constant-modern-crazy like launches of seasonal colours and 1000 combinations that adorn the most famous brands in the cycling industry?

And, not insignificantly, do you want to feel for a moment, but only for a moment, what it is like to ride like Tadej Pogačar?

Gobik is a relatively young company founded in 2010 in the south of Spain in the town of Yecla in the province of Murcia. Gobik is a result of the desire of a couple of good friends and passionate cyclists to create a specialist for making personalized equipment with very little compromise in quality and applied technology.

So, Gobik is a company that is exclusively oriented towards the design and production of personalized equipment for endurance sports with a special emphasis on cycling and triathlon. With over 20 permanent designers and its own production under the same roof, Gobik is a guarantee that clients can always expect a design proposal accurately and in detail refined exclusively according to their wishes.

But what after the design? We, avid cyclists that are used to ride a lot and have somewhat more demanding (not to say more sophisticated) expectations for equipment we use and their functional characteristics, are looking for additional guarantees in addition to beautiful colours and combinations of different design patterns. Since 2016, Gobik has been constantly present in top echelons of cycling sport, supplying various teams in the highest rank of the competition. Of course, their close connection with Tadej Pogačar and his team UAE Emirates is also worth mentioning. It is these technical insights of the best athletes in cycling that ensure this second and no less important component of your new cycling equipment.

But let's not go into details now, here are some important facts about ordering Gobik equipment:

- Local support that will do everything for you (team from Bonk)

- Free delivery and shipping of samples of selected Gobik models (so you know exactly what suits you best)

- Free design proposal and unlimited additional changes to your desired design

- Minimum order per selected model - 10 pieces

- Deadline for delivery of finished products (from the day of design confirmation) - 45-60 working days

- Additional orders of the same equipment (without design changes) without the need to reach the minimum order quantity (valid for 12 months after design confirmation)

- Excellent range of models that will meet all your needs and requirements 

- You can see most of the products live in Bonk! (since April 2022)

There. Very simple. Call us, write or just visit us.

As an additional treat to Gobik's personalized capabilities, Bonk will become one of the few places in the world where you can see (and buy) their limited-edition Warm Series 2022 collection in early April, which is the basis for developing the technical and design capabilities of their CUSTOM department.

Until the next blog, don’t forget to share the road.